Global Program

Quaker Faith Journey was created after members of Friends Committee on Scouting received a request from Friends in Jamaica for a Quaker Religious Awards program for their Young Friends. Members of the committee took this opportunity to expand our curriculum and create a program for all Scouts and Guides outside the United States of America and Canada.

Creating a program to be used so widely meant using simple language  for two main reasons:  1) so that it would be easily understood by Friends no matter where they lived and 2) for ease of translation. Our hope is that this curriculum will be translated into other languages for use by non-English speaking Friends.

The activities included were written to allow for the program to be easily used anywhere in the world – that is we didn’t give specifics as to which scriptures, which version of the Bible to use, which book/story titles and allowing for Young Friends to find out more about Quakers that have/are making an impact in their area of the world, allowing the Friends using it to use local resources.

This program consists of four levels which are divided into age levels much like the Scouting/Guiding programs. Ages given at each Level are only guidelines, please feel free to adjust according to the age levels used in your local Scouting/Guiding program.

Level 1: Ages 5-7

Level 2: Ages 8-10

Level 3: Ages 11-14

Level 4: Ages 15-21

The program can be downloaded here.

Certificates have been created and are also available to print upon completion of each program Level. Certificates are 8.5 x 11.0-inches in size. It is recommended that they be printed on cardstock.

Level 1 certificate download here.

Level 2 certificate download here.

Level 3 certificate download here.

Level 4 certificate download here.

We are currently working on a Spanish translation of this curriculum and will post it here when complete.

If there is a language you feel this curriculum needs to be translated into, please email the Clerk of Friends Committee on Scouting with this request at [email protected]