Canadian Program

The Canadian Religion in Life program is organized by Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada although the specific badge requirements for Quaker Scouts are set by FCS.

The program consists of five progressive stages.  Participant can start at any stage appropriate to their age, maturity, development, and desire.  Each stage is identified by a colour:

  • Grey (formally yellow; typical ages: 8-10)
  • Green (typical ages: 11-14)
  • Blue (typical ages: 15-17)
  • Red (typical ages: 18-26)
  • Tan (formerly purple; typical ages: 18+)

Only one badge – the latest stage earned – is worn.  Those participants who have earned the red stage may wear the red bordered badge on their youth uniform and the tan (or purple) bordered badge on their adult uniform if appropriate although those wearing of the tan (or purple) bordered badge will be expected to show further spiritual growth and development.

Participants must be members of Girl Guides of Canada or Scouts Canada while being members or attenders of a Monthly Meeting or Friends Church. This includes active participation in the life of the Meeting or Church, regular attendance for worship and, if applicable, business meetings, as well as First Day or Sunday School or religious education at a Quaker school.

The program can be downloaded here.

Friends who have earned the Quaker Religion in Life Award wear the Christian badge as approved by Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada. The colour-coded badge consists of a great circle representing eternity. Within the circle are the Greek characters alpha and omega, which serves as a reminder that the worship and service of God form an essential part of life’s program from beginning to end.

A certificate is also presented to the recipient. It comes in an English version ou il est également disponible en français

Religion in Life badges can purchase from the Scout Shop.

Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada determine the placement of the badge on their respective uniforms.  Scout uniform placement guides can be found here.